Calming Music for Anxiety

Calming Music for Anxiety, Panic and Stress

Soundcloud is a wonderful place.  Soundcloud, in my opinion is to audio as Youtube is to video.

The other day I was just having a play with Soundcloud and I made what I suspect will be a very relaxing and calming discovery.

Jon Brooks appears to be a musician / composer with rather diverse tastes (rather like me!).

Some of his calming music is very soothing.  So much so that I had to share with the listeners and readers here at our Calming Music Blog.

This one – “Seventh Heaven” – is quite hypnotic and beautifully repetitive.

Another of Jons compositions is called “Raindrops”.  And that is exactly what springs to mind if you close your eyes and listen to the warm melodies and soft instrumentation within his calming music.

I hope you enjoy the calming music of Jon Brooks as much as I have.  Thanks Jon !

Stay relaxed,


Calming Music Weekly.

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