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River Ramblings

River Ramblings The sleepy little town of Jamieson is one of my most favourite places in all the world. I carry a mental picture of it in my mind – especially the view from my father-in-laws back balcony which looks out across to the hills over on the other side of the valley. This blog…

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In Praise Of Slowness

For the uninitiated, TED is a website and movement that has videos of inspirational people, teachers, leaders and thoughtful individuals. These very intelligent people get up onto stages all over the world and give amazing talks. Here is one such talk at a TED conference that I thought I should share as it is very…

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Be Still Just for A Moment

Be Still, Just for A Moment. In my quest to learn more about many things – blogging, calmness, wellbeing, self awareness and perhaps just a little bit of navel gazing – I came across a blog that has escaped my attention…. until now. I suspect I will be reading (and possibly sharing) several posts from…

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How Can We Help You

How Can We Help You ? We here at Calming Music weekly enjoy music of all kinds. However, we recognise that in this rediculously busy always-on-and-connected world we live in there is never enough time. Never enough time to do what we need to do, what we should do, and what we want to do….…

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Why Calming Music

Why Calming Music ? We here at Calming Music Weekly really enjoy listening to music of all kinds.  We are very aware of the hectic rush of todays busy world.  We love composing, recording, playing our instruments and the entire creation process.  We are proud of our music and recognise that not everyone enjoys all…

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