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Relaxation suggestions from Calming Music Weekly

Hit the recharge button

I found an article on The Age newspaper website (Melbourne news site) explains quite nicely the benefits of meditation and relaxation in todays fast paced 24×7 world.Check it out here: I thought readers of this blog might enjoy it. 🙂  

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River Relaxation

For Christmas last year I was the lucky recipient of a new iPad….. thanks Santa !!If you are a fan of my relaxation music, particularly “River to the Sea“, you may know that my wife, two daughters and I regularly go to a little town called Jamieson, about three hours drive north east of Melbourne (Australia),…

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Royalty Free Music

There are many different ways to listen to music.  Many people use music in different ways.  There are different legal ways a musician allows people to use or “licence” their music. When you buy a CD or download an MP3, most people simply plug in their headphones and away they go.  The standard type of…

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Playing Music is good for you

“Music Soothes the Soul” as someone from a long time ago once famously said. Or was it “Music Soothes the Savage Beast” ? Probably both. Either way, I reckon they were right. Playing music – any kind of music – is incredibly relaxing, not to mention good fun – for millions of people around the…

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Relax by the River

The sounds of a river flowing are known to have a relaxing effect on many people.  Sitting by the side of a river is many peoples idea of bliss.Here is the Jamieson River…. Jamieson is a little town in central Victoria, Australia – about 3 hours drive north east of Melbourne.Or – click here to…

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