Featured Musician John Barnard

John Barnard – Western Australia

Piano, Keyboards.John_Barnard_BeyondTheClouds

John firmly believes in the power calming music has in helping people who suffer from stress or anxiety.  To that end he has composed, recorded and released several calming music albums.

John says, “I am a West Australian musician, who was compelled to write my first piece of music in an effort to express how I felt at that time.

My music speaks without speaking and has uplifted or given comfort to many who have sought to discover within and cannot find words that possibly reveal their feelings and inner thoughts truthfully.

I really hope that you receive comfort from this music, as I did when composing it.  It has been described as an inspiring journey of personal triumph over adversity. Soothing piano and drifting strings invite you to relax and look at who you really are.  Deeply moving, honestly introspective and highly inspiring, this music will nourish and enhance your life.John_Barnard_Araluen

John has very generously made several of his songs available for our members at CalmingMusicWeekly.com

Further information about John Barnard and his music can be found at his website – http://www.comfortingmusic.com

Thanks John – your music is beautiful !





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