In Praise Of Slowness

For the uninitiated, TED is a website and movement that has videos of inspirational people, teachers, leaders and thoughtful individuals.

These very intelligent people get up onto stages all over the world and give amazing talks.

Here is one such talk at a TED conference that I thought I should share as it is very appropriate for us here at Calming Music Weekly.

A gentleman by the name of Carl Honore gave a talk a few years ago which he called “In Praise Of Slowness”.

In this talk, Carl discusses the idea that the whole world is trying to speed up, make things happen faster – speed dating, speed reading, faster this, quicker that.

All people – adults, old, young, students, children – are burning out, due to our ever increasing fast paced world.

He makes a very, very, very good arguement for slowing down.

He discusses the concept of trying to “slow down and smell the roses”, being in the moment, and difficulty with actually slowing down, the negative health aspects of burn out caused by doing everything quickly, too much busy-ness and speed.

Very thought provoking…. especially the concept of “good slow”.  We have specifically designed our calming music to help people connect with their slowness and, as Carl has mentioned, to “get in touch with their inner tortoise”.

Slow down and savour your life.  Listen to Carls talk.

What do you think ?  do you feel better, happier, healthier, more productive when you deliberately slow down ?

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