Playing Music is good for you

“Music Soothes the Soul” as someone from a long time ago once famously said.

Or was it “Music Soothes the Savage Beast” ?

Probably both.MusicOnWorldOff

Either way, I reckon they were right.

Playing music – any kind of music – is incredibly relaxing, not to mention good fun – for millions of people around the world.

I personally enjoy music of all kinds – fast, slow, loud, soft, acoustic, electric, classical, jazz, world music, calming music, relaxation music, rock, funk, dance, chill out music, blues, heavy metal, or anything in between – both playing or listening.

Actively participating in some form of music, such as allocating the time to sit on the couch and listen to your favourite album on your MP3 player or – gasp ! – the stereo system in your lounge room, or by picking up the musical instrument of your choice and making some sound, is good for you.

It makes you stop. It makes you relax. It turns on (and can even tune out) your brain. It can make you think about “something else”. It can remove stress and increase happiness. You can listen or play music by yourself or with some friends or with complete strangers. It crosses language barriers and allows you to communicate if you wish, or withdraw into your own world if you prefer. Playing music allows you to channel your creativity purely into “the moment”.

What – and where – do you prefer as your music ?

Do you prefer to listen, or play an instrument, or perhaps even both ?



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