MP3 Album - Simply Relaxation

MP3 Album - Simply Relaxation
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Simply Relaxation - Guided Meditation MP3 Album

By Rosemary Bennett

With music from Rick Plumridge and Matthew Harding.
This is a digital download of the best selling guided meditation album "Simply Relaxation".
Perhaps one of the easiest and most effective ways to relax is to listen to a Guided Meditation audio program.
Simply Relaxation is a form of guided relaxation and guided meditation which can assist in dealing with the stressors of our complex and hectic lifestyle.
Rosemary's Guided Meditation audio program WILL help allow :
  • your mind to slow,
  • your body to rest and rebalance,
  • your internal energy flow to unblock,
  • your connection to our inner spirit to be rekindled.
  • You will feel an improved flow of oxygen – the source of energy for everyday activity.
Your ability to control anger, frustration and conflict using my deep breathing technique will enable you to engage with those around you in a more positive way on a daily basis.
There are short, medium and longer meditations - you can choose a suitable guided meditation track for the available time you have.

To listen to some samples, please click on the links below.

Sample 1: "Introduction".          Sample 2: "Take Air".          Sample 3: "Visual Escape".
Sample 4: "Relaxation Ritual".          Sample 5: "Temple of Harmony".          Sample 6: "Floating".
Sample 7: "Whispers".          Sample 8: "Belief". 
You can practice these meditations sitting at your desk, in a lounge chair, at the park under a tree, or anywhere you feel comfortable that you will not be disturbed - even in bed !
Simply Relaxation is an economical and time efficient answer to your mind/body/spirit wellbeing.
As you become accustomed to the familiar sound of Rosemary’s voice, and the ritual of Rosemary’s prompts, your conscious mind is less likely to remain highly alert during the session.
You won’t need to concentrate on what is coming next, and you will achieve a deeper and more fulfilling sense of balance, focus and relaxation.
Approximately 77 minutes 46 seconds of guided meditation and calming music.
3 different guided relaxation / guided meditation audio programs - of short, medium and long duration - for you to use when you have the time available.
Plus 4 Guided Meditation Music tracks, composed, performed and recorded by Rosemary's Simply Relaxation team - Rick Plumridge with Matthew Harding - creators of the Calming Music albums "River to the Sea" and "Sea to Sky".
Scroll up and click on the Add to Basket button and be listening to the soothing and calming sounds of Rosemarys voice within minutes.


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