Benefits of Calming Music Part 2

Benefits of Calming Music Part 2


Continued from Part 1.


The Benefits of Calming Music include:

6. Pleasant to the ear: as well as being associated with the holistic “mind, body and soul” concept, calming music is actually really nice to listen to. Obviously different people like different genres of music, but Calming Music has more than its fair share of fans !

7. Meditation: Meditation is a well-known technique used for relaxation and some people find it easier using meditation music. Focusing on the music can aid and allow the listener to block out unwanted thoughts and clear the mind. Guided meditation sessions – where someone provides instructions and verbal help with meditation – often include the use of calming music. The benefits of meditation have been known and practiced for centuries – calming the mind, calming the body, relaxing, refreshing and rejuvenating the whole person.

8. Yoga: Most people know that yoga is another excellent tool or activity that can help with gaining peace and serenity within one’s body and mind, as well as physical fitness and well-being. As with meditation, yoga is often performed in combination with calming music. The relaxing sounds of the music can help the listener and yoga practitioner with their concentration on their physical movements and poses as well as emptying their minds. Yoga on its own is an excellent manager and remover of stress. Combined with music, the benefits to the human mind and body are amazing. Tai Chi is similar in that the combination of both the movements and slow, relaxing music can produce a better outcome for the people involved.

9. No age barrier: The benefits of taking time out to listen to calming music can be experienced by people of all ages, from babies to the elderly. Many expectant mothers deliberately play their unborn babies slow music, partly to help the baby but also to help themselves and their bodies relax. Primary school teachers use relaxation music in their classrooms to help calm their students. High school students use classical or calming music as a study aid and to help calm their nerves before exams. Adults of all ages use music to take time out from their busy worlds and to help turn off their minds from their daily stresses. Hospitals use music to calm their patients (and their families and visitors) who are often in stressful situations. Retirement homes find that calming music can help to put everyone’s mind at ease, to make everyone simply feel happy and relaxed.

10. A Zone of Peace: Calming music is not only good in special circumstances; even if you are not actively engaged in a meditation or yoga session, you can use it to create a zone of peace in your life. Everyone needs to take time out from their busy lives and our always on world – calming music can provide you serenity. It can create a comfort zone where you can enter and stay relaxed for as long as you want.

Calming music is being used as a therapeutic tool to fight against anger, depression, anxiety, worry and stress all over the world. Music can influence a person’s mood as well as their emotional, physical and mental state. In exactly the same way that Rap music and Heavy Metal music can often be seen as promoting the feeling of anger and aggression, calming music can help the mind and body to focus on the feeling of relaxation. So if you are stressed or depressed, upset, uptight or tense, and you want some escape, listening to calming music can be a very good idea indeed.



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P.S.  What benefits do you get out of listening to some calming and relaxing music ?

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