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Free Calming Music

Calming Music for Sleep

Calming Music for Sleep I was listening to the radio this morning and heard an advertisement for a performance coming soon that piqued my interest. A quick search on the internet led me to Max Richter. I had not heard of him until today, but I’m pleased I found him. Max has created a most…

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Calming Music Radio


Calming Music Radio The wonderful thing about the internet is that there is a style of music available for everyone. This includes calming music. There are many calming music radio sites available – some are free, some are a subscription payment model. Here are some of our favourites:   Songza has an amazing array of…

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Calming Music For Dogs

Calming Music For Dogs Ok.  It’s like this. It’s not only humans that can become stressed.  It is not only humans that can benefit from listening to calming music. It is, however, up to us to help our non-human friends chill out, relax, take a weight off their four feet. Man’s Best Friend also enjoys…

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Calming Music For Kids

Calming Music For Kids Calming music comes in many shapes and forms. Calming music is an excellent way to help calm the mind and rest the body. It is also one of those very rare things in life that can benefit people from zero years old to 111 years old, and everyone in between. Previous…

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Classical Calming Music

Classical Calming Music Music comes in all forms and many genres. Here at Calming Music Weekly we love all kinds of music. However, some music and musical styles are arguably more calming than other kinds of music….. To perhaps expand upon and further clarify the definition of “calming music” to follow are some of the best…

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Calming Jazz Music

Best Calming Jazz Music Calming music can take on may forms. It can span many genres. Here at Calming Music Weekly, we love all kinds of music – especially if it calms the mind and soothes the soul. So, in the interests of expanding our definition of “calming music” to follow are six examples of…

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Interview with Jeff Gold

Interview with Jeff Gold A couple of months ago, I had the pleasure of stumbling across the website of Jeff Gold. After a few minutes I realised I had found a VERY fine musician indeed.  So much so, that I spent far too much time listening to the various examples of his wonderfully calming music…

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New Age Relaxing Music for NO STRESS and detox

New Age Relaxing Music for NO STRESS and detox. A strange name for a calming music video….. In fact, there is no video at all – it’s just the static picture of the happy lady in the green hat. However, the background calming music is very relaxing and extremely soothing. Click the PLAY icon in the middle…

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Interview with Steve Rees

Interview with Steve Rees Every now and then I am fortunate enough to hear some music and say, “Wow !  Who is THAT !!” And I need to find out more about this person, if only to hear some more of their music. Steve Rees is one such musician.  His calming harp is soothing, inspiring and…

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Calming Music for Anxiety

Calming Music for Anxiety, Panic and Stress Soundcloud is a wonderful place.  Soundcloud, in my opinion is to audio as Youtube is to video. The other day I was just having a play with Soundcloud and I made what I suspect will be a very relaxing and calming discovery. Jon Brooks appears to be a musician…

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