Classical Calming Music

Classical Calming Music

Music comes in all forms and many genres.

Here at Calming Music Weekly we love all kinds of music.

However, some music and musical styles are arguably more calming than other kinds of music…..

To perhaps expand upon and further clarify the definition of “calming music” to follow are some of the best classical calming music pieces.

( Or should the correct phrasing be ” best calming classical music ” ? )


1.  Ludovico Einaudi – “Le Onde” (The Waves)


2.  Pachelbel – “Canon In D”


3.  Chopin – “Raindrops”


4.  Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart – “Concerto for Flute and Harp”


5.  Avatar Soundtrack – “Pure spirits of the forest”


6.  Avatar Soundtrack – “The bioluminescence of the night”


7. Brahms Lullaby


Ok – I couldn’t decide which of the two songs from the Avatar movie to include, so I put them both in.

Obviously there are hundreds more classical pieces that fall into the calming music category.

What are your favourites ?

Do you have any suggestions ?

Please add your recommendations into the comments below and don’t forget to add in a link so that we can hear them.

Also, as always, please share by using the social icons on the left of this page.

Thanks for listening and sharing !


Calming Music Weekly

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