Calming Spaces

Calming Spaces

This blog here at Calming Music Weekly is largely about calming down and relaxing.

It offers tips and suggestions for various ways to soothe your mind and calm your body.

Taking the time to listen to calming music is one of many ideas mentioned within the pages of this blog.

I have just realised that while I have spent a bit of time discussing the need to take some time out for yourself in-so-far-as relaxation is concerned – ie the “how” and the “why”.

I have not really mentioned the “where”.

Recently I was reading some articles and suddenly realised that it’s all well and good to say, “Oi !! You !! Take a chill pill !!!”, but that is not necessarily helpful when you might be in the middle of some noisy or stressful situations.GardenPath

Then I started to look around my immediate surroundings and got to thinking about what I and others I know do to deliberately relax.

And, more specificially for the purposes of this article, where we do it.

Probably the most obvious method and location of calming down is to go on holiday or vacation.  Mental images of lazing in a hammock swinging gently between two coconut trees on a tropical island spring to mind.

But, not everyone has the time or the resources to head to their nearest tropical paradise when-ever they feel like it.

Perhaps some more realistic suggestions might be in order.

Here are 5 ideas that might help you find a suitable calming space.

1.  Make an area within your home into a place specifically for relaxing.

A spare bedroom, a corner of your lounge room, a special chair, a quiet place where you can close the door and shut out the world.  This article talks about this concept.

2.  Retreat to a man cave or a she shed.

Building on the idea of a specific area within your home, perhaps you have some space in your backyard, or a friends back yard, where you can go out of your way to create a purpose built Man Cave or She Shed.  Setting this up on your own or with a friend can be fun to do.  With some care and effort it can be a relatively cheap project to fund that can result in a great talking point and meeting place.  On your own or with others you can retreat to your shed, put on some calming music or read a book or perhaps engage in some private meditation.  And relax.

3.  Wellness Rooms.

Many large corporations who own or make use of large office buildings have Wellness Rooms.  These rooms are specifically for office workers to retreat to for a few minutes if they feel the need.  They are quiet, often have comfy chairs or bean bags.  They are there for prayers, for mediation, for a quick power nap – an escape from the stressful corporate carnage that makes a very busy part of this modern world.  Several buildings where I have worked and visited have them.  Does your office building have one ?

4.  Purpose built public Calming Spaces.GardenSeat

There is a growing realisation that public relaxation spaces are becoming a requirement in city planning.  Little parks and gardens, or small purpose built quiet spaces are popping up all over big cities.  The next time you go for a walk at lunch time, why not take a moment to enjoy the peace that these public spaces can offer.

5.  Relaxation Spas or Day Spas.

Or what about a regular spa…. or even a bath ?

Pampering yourself, be that in a public Day Spa that might cost a few $$$, or taking the time to turn off your mobile phone and running a nice warm bath with a sprinkle of your favourite essential oil WILL do you the world of good.

Immersing yourself in bubbling, steaming hot water for 30 minutes (or more if you can) will soothe your body and relax your mind.

Where do you enjoy relaxing ?

Do you have a favourite calming space ?

Please let us know in the comments below, and don't forget to share on your social media platform of choice 🙂



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