How to Calm Down Before a Big Event

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How to Calm down Before a Big Event

Everyone has had that feeling of anxiety right before a big life event. Whether you are giving a presentation, starting in an important game, or have a dance performance it is easy for stress and anxiety to get in the way. So, how do you combat the shaky hands and sweaty palms?

Here are 6 ways to calm down before a big event.

Be Prepared

Practice makes perfect. If you know you get nervous in front of people, practice in front of people. Make sure you have everything you need for your big day this includes, equipment, note cards, uniforms, and anything else you may need. I can never keep track of all my stuff, so I find it useful to make a check list. There is nothing more stressful than arriving at the venue and realizing you forgot one of your cleats, or your lucky socks!socks


Sometimes the best way to calm down is to listen to some music and focus on yourself. There are many benefits of listening to music both psychological and physical. Whether you are using music to wind down and calm yourself, or get pumped up and excited, music has the ability to greatly influence you and your mood in that particular moment. If you are preparing for a presentation, blocking out surrounding sound and focusing on music can be exactly what you need to relax before your event.

Deep Breaths and Stretching

This is probably the easiest way to slow your heart rate and calm down. As cliché as it sounds, a deep breath can be all the difference. Deep breathing is a key component in meditation, hypnosis and yoga which are all tied into relaxation, and have an overall calming effect. So when you are going into an important event a few deep even breaths can calm you down just enough to reduce anxiety and get you in the zone to perform at your best.

Calming Color

Another component that people don't often think about is Color. Color psychology has become more well-known recently and it also has an impact on mood, anxiety and relaxation. Depending on the person the color green may have a calming effect and the color red could cause more stress. Being aware of the colors around you when you are preparing for an event can possibly help you perform better when the time leaves

Focus on the Present

One thing that you don't want to do is think about all the negative outcomes before your big moment. If you think you will mess up, you probably will. By focusing on the present you will lessen the “what if’s” and be able to focus on the task at hand. You have prepared for this moment, now you just have to crush it!

Pre-Game/Performance Ritual

Some people a superstitious about rituals before important events, but there are benefits that come along with consistently doing the same things before a game or performance. This can vary for every person. Some people like to be alone and calm, and some people like to get pumped up and excited. Both of which can get rid of stress and anxiety depending on the person.


People respond to stressful situations differently.  However there are ways to combat that feeling of anxiety before an event.

The trick is finding what works for you.

Whether you need to plug in some music, take a deep breath, or surround yourself with a calming color, there are ways to lower your heart rate and put you in a good place to perform at your best.


What are some other ways you calm down before big events ?


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Twitter: @ChuckieCarbone


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