Nature Beauty Gratitude

Nature Beauty Gratitude

Here is another inspriring TED talk worthy of your valuable time.

In it, Louie Schwartzberg discusses the sheer beauty of nature and enhances his words with his amazing time lapse photography.  Then he shows a very short film he has been working on – again with profound but simple narration behind his visually stunning images with some beautiful calming music in the background.

Natures beauty is a gift that cultivates appreciation and gratitude.  The narration in the main movie expresses the wonder of each day and how it should be treated as both your first and last day of your life.  Look at the faces of people you meet – each one has an incredible story.  Enjoy each day, pause to look at the sky, look at the clouds.  It’s not just another day – it is a gift to you and to those around you.

Be grateful, be thankful.

And the little girl at the beggining of the short film (at about the three and a half minute mark) is surprisingly articulate with her feelings and descriptions – go out and explore, because the path your follow might just lead to a beach, which might be beautiful.



I enjoyed this talk and Louies short film.  Please share this post !



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