River Relaxation

For Christmas last year I was the lucky recipient of a new iPad….. thanks Santa !!

If you are a fan of my relaxation music, particularly “River to the Sea, you may know that my wife, two daughters and I regularly go to a little town called Jamieson, about three hours drive north east of Melbourne (Australia), where we sit, relax, read a book, swim in the river, feed the birds and generally chill out.

My new iPad has now made several trips to Jamieson with us.

Sitting by the river on one such trip, while my daughters paddled, I was inspired to write, play and record a relaxation music song…. the iPad did this quite nicely.  I captured some video footage using the iPad too.  Then, being the wild and crazy guy that I am, I thought to myself, “Self !” I said to myself… “why not add the video footage to the music, or, even better, the other way around and add the music to the video footage ?!?”

Again, while my daughters paddled and tried not to fall in the cold water, I created this little film clip which I have imaginatively titled “River Relaxation”.

I reckon the iPad has done well, and it’s not too bad for a first effort.  The next one will be much easier now that I know what I’m doing.

I suspect I will make a few more of these with the iPad.

I hope you enjoy my music.



P.S  Do you make music or videos on an iPad ?  Do you have any hints, tips or suggestions that would help me and other readers of this blog ?

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