Royalty Free Music

There are many different ways to listen to music.  Many people use music in different ways.  There are different legal ways a musician allows people to use or “licence” their music.

When you buy a CD or download an MP3, most people simply plug in their headphones and away they go.  The standard type of licence is a “personal” licence – the musician or owner of the music allows you the purchaser to simply listen to the song.  The purchaser can put the CD onto their stereo system, or put an MP3 version onto their portable device or computer, press the PLAY button and everyone is happy.

Every time a music purchase is made, the composer (and usually the performers) get a royalty… a percentage of the purchase price.

Another option is where the purchaser actually needs the music for some other reason…. perhaps they are making a slideshow, or a TV or radio program or advertisement, a website, or they wish to broadcast the music publicly in some way, such as a yoga teacher or aerobics instructor might during their classes.

In this case, there are many different licences that legally the user of the music should investigate and purchase.  Each different licence results in a different fee being paid to the composer.

It is actually illegal to use someone else’s music without their permission.

However, there is an easier option – Royalty Free music.

Royalty Free Music is where the composer effectively says, “here is my music, please feel free to use it as you wish”.  You can use it as the soundtrack to a documentary or TV show or video you are making.  You can use it on a website, on a slideshow, or play it over the loud speakers inside your shop for your customers enjoyment.

Royalty Free music saves the buyer the hassle of chasing up the various licences, the terminology, and removes the need for ongoing fees or royalties to be paid.  Royalty Free music saves the composer the hassle of having to work with each individual buyer and individual pricing structures.  A classic “win-win” scenario !

Royalty Free Relaxation Music can be used anywhere that the intended listener needs to be given a sense of calm or tranquillity.  You might run a day spa or a beauty parlour or be a hairdresser… your customers would love to hear some relaxation music.  You might be a Yoga instructor, or lead guided meditation or relaxation meditation classes, or be a massage therapist – relaxation or calming music is possibly something your customers would expect.  You may need some relaxing music for your wedding, your website, or school or business Power Point project / slide show.  Your podcasts can have calming music in the background.

There are a million ideas or concepts where Royalty Free calming music will make your creative work both legal and helpful to your target audience.

99% of the music featured on is NOT royalty free – it is for personal and private listening only.

However, if you need Royalty Free music – relaxation music or otherwise – a search on the internet for “Royalty Free Music” will start you on the right path.

AudioJungle is one such website that makes it clear, easy to understand, is well priced and most of the music available is unique.  There are several others, however it is worth reading the “fine print” on these other websites and find out if you are actually getting what you pay for.


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