Ten Mindful Minutes

Ten Mindful Minutes

When was the last time you did nothing for ten minutes ?

Ten minutes is not a long time…. can you imagine just sitting still and emptying your mind for that long ?

For the un-initiated, TED.com is an amazing resource of very clever people talking about very inspiring things.

Here is one of the many videos available on TED.com that I thought would be very useful for the readers here at Calming Music Weekly.

Andy Puddicombe discusses the idea of relaxation through meditation – not with incense and vegetarians hassling you – but along the lines of meditation offering the potential opportunity to step back and get a different persepctive on life, your worries and stressful concerns you may be experiencing.

Meditation can help you obtain a sense of focus, calm and clarity in your life.  And he is a pretty impressive juggler as well !


I hope you enjoy it and that Andy’s short talk provides some ideas that may help you.

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