Welcome to Calming Music Weekly

Hi, Hello, G’day and welcome to CalmingMusicWeekly.comCalming Music

Here we will be exploring and sharing our love for Calming Music – music to relax with, to enjoy and to drift away to another (hopefully quieter) place.

Relaxation Music, Meditation Music, Calming Music – what ever you want to call it, the same end result is much sought after – to relax, to destress, to quiet the mind, to soothe, to gain a sense of calm.

Our Membership area delivers a new calming music instrumental song every week exclusively for our Members personal use and enjoyment.

We will showcase some of our songs as well as the songs of others.  We will share some of our favourites and hopefully you will join in the discussions and  share some of your favourite calming music songs and artists as well.

We will have articles about all things relaxing, plus audios, videos, images and ideas to help you take some time out from this busy “always on” world we now live in.

So, please, take a seat – preferably an extremely comfy one, slip on a pair of headphones, and listen to some beautiful calming music.

I hope you enjoy our music !

Thanks for listening 🙂




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