What is Calming Music

What is Calming Music ?

Calming music is used through all walks of life to help people relax, de-stress and sleep well.  Calming music, relaxation music and meditation music are all different names used to describe the same type of music.  It can be used to clear the mind, for relaxation activities like yoga, as an aid to meditation and as a tool to reduce anxiety or stress.KeepCalmAndRelax

But what exactly is calming music ?  Obviously, it’s impossible to pinpoint one thing that turns music from ‘normal music’ to ‘calming music’, but there are some characteristics that play a large part in making a piece of music into a calming relaxation aid.

Calming music is often around the 75 beats per minute mark.  This is the pace of the human heart, and by mirroring this pace, the music connects with you and with your body on a whole new level to bring you in sync with the music and help to calm you down and relax you.

Relaxation music often has wash chords, and simple, intertwining melodies.  When the music is simple and soothing, it allows us to focus on the music as a whole, and not try to follow multi-layered patterns.

Nature sounds are often hugely popular when mixed in with meditation music, and noises of birds, rivers, waves, wind and water are used to transport our thoughts to a peaceful, relaxing place, and to help us connect with nature and feel as though we’re part of something bigger than ourselves.  Using sounds from nature helps add to calming music by giving the mind something to focus on, and being reminded that we are part of nature helps us to de-stress, remember that we’re part of a much larger world, and relax into our own thoughts.

Calming music can be used either on its own, for activities such as yoga, to help to encourage participants to relax and centre themselves while performing these activities.  Using calming music for this helps the mind and body to relax and to align themselves, which is what yoga aims to achieve.

Meditations and guided meditations often make use of meditation music, again to be able to set a calming and relaxing environment for the meditation or guided meditation to take place in.

Calming music is also hugely helpful to use when you’re at home and you’re feeling stressed, worried or anxious. It helps your heart rate to slow, it helps you to calm down, and it helps you to de-stress and let go of all the worries of the day.

Many people use it to help them sleep at night, and it’s proven to be hugely effective if you need to calm yourself down if you’re angry or annoyed.

Whatever the problem is, there’s no doubt that spending half an hour listening to some calming music will hugely help your mind, and you’ll come out of it feeling more relaxed, more centred, and with your mood considerably lifted.

You have absolutely nothing to lose by trying it, so why not listen today?

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